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The Cinderella Complex – Waiting For Mr. Write : Women Writers, Women’s Books

Here's a great article by Evie Gaughan on not putting off writing just because it's not 'good enough' yet. It's obvious that the only way to improve as a writer is to WRITE more. Maybe it's time to stop thinking and worrying so much and just do? via The Cinderella Complex – Waiting For Mr.… Continue reading The Cinderella Complex – Waiting For Mr. Write : Women Writers, Women’s Books

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100 Posts, 100 Words

My 100th blog post! Fifteen months ago I took a risk and applied for a job knew I wouldn't get. (I was right, I didn't). I had very little of the experience required but it sounded like my dream job. However, in the application process, I discovered the wonderful world of blogging, which is inhabited… Continue reading 100 Posts, 100 Words


From Blogging to Writing a Novel -slightly terrifying!

Big breath in, I feel as if I am making myself extremely vulnerable by posting this, BUT, I have just taken a monumental step from posting on my blog to embarking on writing a novel (eek) and if you'd like to become a reader for me, please let me know. Like all first babies it's… Continue reading From Blogging to Writing a Novel -slightly terrifying!

Project Write

Could you say “I Do” in March?

Do you want to take the leap? Do you want to commit to a challenge to write 10,000 words in a month? It's a big commitment, but don't the biggest commitments reap the best rewards?  

Project Write

Day Twenty: Wrap It Up

Ah no, this is the final day. How do I go about expressing how this experience has impacted me? So much to say. The Day One challenge was a revelation. It was as if I had been given a tiny key allowing me to take a peek at what was hidden inside of myself which I had no idea… Continue reading Day Twenty: Wrap It Up