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‘broad bean’ and other edible body shapes…?

Or 'My Button Keeps Popping off My Pants and other Sad Stories' I am fortunate to have been pretty much the same shape and size my whole adult life but now I have bumped into a bit of a mental hurdle and I'm literally clambering over it to the next dress size up. It hasn't… Continue reading ‘broad bean’ and other edible body shapes…?

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Typical South African sights you will never see in Ireland.

In two weeks we will have been living in Ireland for thirteen years and in this time we have returned to South Africa every two years or less to visit family so that we can maintain the relationships between our children and their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Apart from that we love the country and… Continue reading Typical South African sights you will never see in Ireland.

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One Year Later

I have been anticipating this moment for the past few months with some mild yet bemused excitement. We are on holiday in South Africa but this is just a vast beautiful backdrop to the event that has been foremost on my mind. My blog has finally turned one year old! It seems strange that this… Continue reading One Year Later

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Of Johannesburg Dogs and Cupcakes

Beauty Sikelela opened her eyes at 5:58am. Twenty seven and a half years of having to wake at the same time every morning (except for Thursdays which was her day off) had taught her body to wake up before the alarm went off - probably better so with her angina problems. The bed complained as… Continue reading Of Johannesburg Dogs and Cupcakes

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The ‘Krismis’ Bed

In a big country inhabited mostly by people with small houses -like South Africa- Christmas and Easter time could usually mean a long journey home to be with your family and no bed for you to sleep in when you get there. I heard an Afrikaans person once talk about a 'Krismis Bed' and I love the holiday-casual-funness… Continue reading The ‘Krismis’ Bed

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From Egoli to Glynn

Twelve years ago we left Johannesburg or Egoli-the City of Gold; population : 3,226,055 (2001 figures, there are over 4 million people living there now, or over 10 million if you include the greater metropolitan area). According to the latest Irish census results 4 million is nearly equivalent to the entire population of Ireland.  A year later we settled… Continue reading From Egoli to Glynn