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When Mrs Chopin does the washing she inspires her husband because behind every great composer is a woman doing boring stuff.

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My husband actually THROWS the ‘throw’

Some less than perfect household tips for less than perfect ladies On ordering your world when everyone ignores your orders: Firstly - the people: I once invited a stylish friend, Mabel*, over for a cuppa chai latte. (I have introduced you to her already when I briefly spoke about her cleavage last time). I tell you… Continue reading My husband actually THROWS the ‘throw’

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How to get FILTHY RICH on the INTERNET in 7 EASY peasy steps:

This is INSANE you JAW will LITERALLY hit the FLOOR! You gonna wanna read this because it's FREE information backed by RESEARCH. And you have to read to the end of this post so that you don't miss the one SECRET that few people share which is YOUR ticket to success! Making money as a… Continue reading How to get FILTHY RICH on the INTERNET in 7 EASY peasy steps:

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10 beautiful things that make me grateful.

This post is inspired by two other bloggers: Ladynicci and You Baby Me Mummy who both recently wrote lists on gratitude and beauty. I think I'm meant to showcase some new products but as I have not received any freebies I'm not feeling the love need. So instead my first impulse was to write about all my… Continue reading 10 beautiful things that make me grateful.


My Silly List of Irish Threes

Is it just me or has anyone noticed how many Irish things come in threes? I reckon it all started 5200 years ago in an underground stone passage at Newgrange with this carving on a rock: (Click here too for more beautiful visuals of Newgrange or Brú na Bóinne). It may be easy, as a… Continue reading My Silly List of Irish Threes

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Moon Ate the Dark Challenge:Liberty Henwick/A Cosmic Slagging (Or Moon gives out about Sun)

A grand bit of craic: my writing prompt submission was posted earlier this evening over on Brave and Reckless’ Blog. TANKS, I’m deloited!! (Do you think that living in Ireland has rubbed off on me a little bit after thirteen years?

Brave and Reckless

I am really excited and pleased by the amount of submissions I received for the Moon Ate the Dark Writing Prompt Challenge.   I intend to post all of the submissions on Brave and Reckless.  Please give a warm welcome to this group of new and experienced writers!

C’mere to me, I was just knackered like. I’d been up all night, and besides I was feelin’ fat. It was ‘that time of the month’ – again. I literally just shut my eyes for a moment there and did a massive yawn. I tell ya, I breathed in so deep, I could taste salt off your seas from all the way over here.

Janey Mack! When I opened my eyes all I could see was this blindin’ brightness.  I thought to meself, ‘You Eejit, ye’ve gone and swallowed up the whole night!’

But then I blinked and saw it was only himself…

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