Sunday Sermon in a Sentence

The Call to Love our Enemies Exposes our Hearts

You may be familiar with the story of the 'Good Samaritan', the one about the good guy who helps his enemy by rescuing his beaten up and bloodied body out of the gutter and paying for his recovery. Do you know the backstory to this story, the brackets before and after, and the reason why Jesus… Continue reading The Call to Love our Enemies Exposes our Hearts

Sunday Sermon in a Sentence

Sunday in a Sentence #2

'Who do you say I am?' - Jesus Christ's Son-of-God status humiliated through His Son-of-man sacrifice opened the way for us to have a heavenly future worth more than any earthly thing. The big question is, what is your answer to His question?

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What a Divine Moment…

A moment ago my sister shared the sweetest photo of her baby on a swing on our family WhatsApp group. His smile is huge, you can't help but smile back! I wanted to reach through the lense and ruffle his tufty blonde head. Our conversation quickly turned to how, as adults it's hard to reclaim that sense… Continue reading What a Divine Moment…

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Day Five : Hook ‘Em with a Quote

"Look at your daydreams—they tell you what you are living for, who you really are." Timothy Keller One of the 'benefits' - if you can call it that! - of living with pain is that in order to feel relief you have to take things a little slower and rest up more often. And if you need to… Continue reading Day Five : Hook ‘Em with a Quote