Sunday Sermon in a Sentence

The Call to Love our Enemies Exposes our Hearts

You may be familiar with the story of the 'Good Samaritan', the one about the good guy who helps his enemy by rescuing his beaten up and bloodied body out of the gutter and paying for his recovery. Do you know the backstory to this story, the brackets before and after, and the reason why Jesus… Continue reading The Call to Love our Enemies Exposes our Hearts

Sunday Sermon in a Sentence

Sunday in a Sentence #2

'Who do you say I am?' - Jesus Christ's Son-of-God status humiliated through His Son-of-man sacrifice opened the way for us to have a heavenly future worth more than any earthly thing. The big question is, what is your answer to His question?

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It’s six months since my little nephew died.

On the 17th December 2016 my little 8 year old nephew died after a brief fight with illness following a strep throat which triggered a very rare and fatal syndrome called HLH (Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis). The easiest part of parenting is talking to other parents about how very hard it is to be a parent. The… Continue reading It’s six months since my little nephew died.

Exploring Faith

An Open Letter of Apology from a Christian to the Jews – Our Common Stumbling Block.

I recently heard an Israeli man speak at a Christian meeting and some of the things he said took me by surprise, some of it shocked me and some shamed me. I am amazed that these things have been in front of my eyes for so long and yet I haven't seen them! Perhaps I'm not… Continue reading An Open Letter of Apology from a Christian to the Jews – Our Common Stumbling Block.

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Pull yourself together, silly house!

There is so much in the physical world around us that illustrates spiritual truth, it's a wonder to me that it takes so long for us (me) to grasp it. Here's one: I know that no matter how much I clean my house, I will have to do it all again soon simply because humans and… Continue reading Pull yourself together, silly house!

Exploring Faith

Deep despair, deeper grace.

There are some nights when sleep eludes me and the thoughts of all I've left undone enlarge themselves until the pressure of their weight heats me up to the point that I have to throw off my bedclothes. Then in the bathroom I run the cold tap 'til it's icy and drink straight from the spout. Last… Continue reading Deep despair, deeper grace.

Exploring Faith

Human Doing or Human Being?

Are you a human doing or a human being? Do you do, or do you be? Dobedobedobedo (not original). How much do you define yourself by who you are and what drives and motivates you, what your core principles and beliefs are OR by what you do, your deeds and how you treat others? I don't think there is any… Continue reading Human Doing or Human Being?