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The ‘Wonder Years’

They say that the Wonder Years are the ages between six and twelve, I have no idea why they have that name, but suspect it's something to do with the utter wonder, delight and relief we parents experience when our children are that age. We have survived the misery of the baby and toddler in-the-trenches… Continue reading The ‘Wonder Years’

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Behold the Wonder of a Book Nook — Parent Co.

I LOVE these ideas, I'll be making one of them tomorrow with a mosquito net and cushions for the kiddos. The milk bottle nook is amazing too... After a school day, my boys need some quiet time on their own. We live in rural Arizona in a spread out ranch style house, so space isn’t… Continue reading Behold the Wonder of a Book Nook — Parent Co.

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May I suggest some Design Improvements in children?

Babies and Children could do with some Basic Improvements -IMHO. With all due respect to the wonderful way children are made, I would like to suggest a couple of improvements in their basic design. These are simply for making my life easier as a Mum. BTW I'm a professional Mum - I have 60 years… Continue reading May I suggest some Design Improvements in children?

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“Mum, What’s the Meaning of Lice?”…

Apparently head lice has reached epidemic proportions in Ireland now, not surprised quite frankly but what's been going down (or up!) in our household. Here's my tips for treatment.

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The Waiting Game

I will fear no evil, for you are with me. Psalm 23 Such a simple phrase and so easy to say but Oh so very difficult to put into practice. Each time I contact my sister to get updates on my young nephew in ICU my heart feels like it is being squeezed tight and all… Continue reading The Waiting Game

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“When Can I Resign?”

"Boys break your house, girls break your heart." Anon. It seems to me that boys are brilliant at breaking things, or worse, themselves and girls are brilliant at breaking you, either way your parent-heart is a little bit dented every time. When it happens to me I carefully try and hammer out those ruts and pits from the inside in order… Continue reading “When Can I Resign?”

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I’ve stopped feeding the kids one day a week in the school holidays.

Multiple choice: Would you rather a) Visit the dentist OR b) Take four discontent children with you to do your weekly grocery shop? Some people have been known to punch their dentist (actually my neighbour - he told me). I haven't punched my children after shopping with them but I do get a tiny bit… Continue reading I’ve stopped feeding the kids one day a week in the school holidays.