The Moon Girl Tales

The Pools

Third of the Moon Girl Tales via dailyprompt: heard There was a man wandering a vast desert in search of a pool of water in order to quench his thirst. The first riverbed he found was really just a series of shallow puddles which dried up just after he managed to scoop a tiny cupful out of… Continue reading The Pools

The Moon Girl Tales

Part Two : The Visitor

Moon Girl and Mirror were working side by side on a particularly hard day. It was cold and their arms and hands hurt from the seemingly endless job of pruning dead branches as well as training up the new young shoots. As they paused to take a break a messenger arrived with news that a visitor would… Continue reading Part Two : The Visitor

The Moon Girl Tales

Part One : The Song

Everyday Moon Girl walked with her friend Mirror to the fields where they work. They had worked side by side for many years and knew one another's rhythms and ways. Moon Girl loved Mirror dearly even though when she looked at her she didn't always like what she saw. Mirror was very good at telling… Continue reading Part One : The Song