Moving a mountain one coffee spoon at a time.

I have just finished writing Chapter Ten. Progress is achingly slow, I have a hundred little distractions (like this, and I need a cuppa coffee). Yesterday it took me from 12pm til 6pm to sit still long enough in order to type a meaningful sentence. How do people write huge volumes? I feel like the… Continue reading Moving a mountain one coffee spoon at a time.


Chapter Two -Arm wrestling with a novel, and life.

I am reduced to drinking espresso, they are quicker to make. I am learning what it is to squeeze the necessary tasks of life into what I really want to be doing, ALL the TIME. I didn't imagine that my head would be crammed and attention arrested so entirely with this book writing process. I have… Continue reading Chapter Two -Arm wrestling with a novel, and life.


From Blogging to Writing a Novel -slightly terrifying!

Big breath in, I feel as if I am making myself extremely vulnerable by posting this, BUT, I have just taken a monumental step from posting on my blog to embarking on writing a novel (eek) and if you'd like to become a reader for me, please let me know. Like all first babies it's… Continue reading From Blogging to Writing a Novel -slightly terrifying!

Max 800 Word Stories

Forbidden Fruit

It was Tuesday – therapy day. Elle paused her 4x4 BMW at the end of the driveway and checked the rear view mirror to make sure the electric gates were closing behind her. While she waited for them to shut she studied her reflection in the visor, she lifted her supersized sunnies and briefly pouted… Continue reading Forbidden Fruit

Max 800 Word Stories

Of Johannesburg Dogs and Cupcakes

Beauty Sikelela opened her eyes at 5:58am. Twenty seven and a half years of having to wake at the same time every morning (except for Thursdays which was her day off) had taught her body to wake up before the alarm went off - probably better so with her angina problems. The bed complained as… Continue reading Of Johannesburg Dogs and Cupcakes

Max 800 Word Stories


The girl with a bandana obscuring half of her face steps back to admire her work. Then abruptly she turns as she hears running footsteps approach the mouldering arches of her hidden world. The spray can she drops into a canvas bag clunks softly. The cloying sharpness of spray paint collides with the sourness of… Continue reading Undercover

The Moon Girl Tales

The Pools

Third of the Moon Girl Tales via dailyprompt: heard There was a man wandering a vast desert in search of a pool of water in order to quench his thirst. The first riverbed he found was really just a series of shallow puddles which dried up just after he managed to scoop a tiny cupful out of… Continue reading The Pools