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My husband actually THROWS the ‘throw’

Some less than perfect household tips for less than perfect ladies On ordering your world when everyone ignores your orders: Firstly - the people: I once invited a stylish friend, Mabel*, over for a cuppa chai latte. (I have introduced you to her already when I briefly spoke about her cleavage last time). I tell you… Continue reading My husband actually THROWS the ‘throw’

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Behold the Wonder of a Book Nook — Parent Co.

I LOVE these ideas, I'll be making one of them tomorrow with a mosquito net and cushions for the kiddos. The milk bottle nook is amazing too... After a school day, my boys need some quiet time on their own. We live in rural Arizona in a spread out ranch style house, so space isn’t… Continue reading Behold the Wonder of a Book Nook — Parent Co.

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The Cinderella Complex – Waiting For Mr. Write : Women Writers, Women’s Books

Here's a great article by Evie Gaughan on not putting off writing just because it's not 'good enough' yet. It's obvious that the only way to improve as a writer is to WRITE more. Maybe it's time to stop thinking and worrying so much and just do? via The Cinderella Complex – Waiting For Mr.… Continue reading The Cinderella Complex – Waiting For Mr. Write : Women Writers, Women’s Books

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A Beginner’s Guide to Creating an Email List for Free

A wealth of very valuable information here from Steve:

Steve Boseley

email listSo what’s an email list?

You know email, right? You know lists, yes? Well an email list, in its most basic terms, is a list of email addresses and possibly names of people that have given you permission to send them updates and information about you and your products. Email marketing, if you want a name for it.

For an author, an email list is crucial if you want to sell your work. Your email list is an opportunity to talk about your books, upcoming projects, interviews and appearances, in fact, anything that you think your potential audience may be interested in. So if you’ve ever wondered how to make that happen, read on to discover how to create and grow your email list for FREE!

But why email, and do I need one?

There are several key factors that make email the king when it comes to selling…

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