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Behold the Wonder of a Book Nook — Parent Co.

I LOVE these ideas, I'll be making one of them tomorrow with a mosquito net and cushions for the kiddos. The milk bottle nook is amazing too... After a school day, my boys need some quiet time on their own. We live in rural Arizona in a spread out ranch style house, so space isn’t… Continue reading Behold the Wonder of a Book Nook — Parent Co.

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How to Help Kids Create a Culture of Personal Accountability — Parent Co.

'spilling water is normal, but cleaning the mess up is also normal'. Here is some gentle and sensible advice on enabling our children to become mature and considerate adults. Even the youngest kids benefit from knowing they are responsible for their behavior. Personal accountability means teaching kids that actions have consequences. Protecting our kids and… Continue reading How to Help Kids Create a Culture of Personal Accountability — Parent Co.

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What a Divine Moment…

A moment ago my sister shared the sweetest photo of her baby on a swing on our family WhatsApp group. His smile is huge, you can't help but smile back! I wanted to reach through the lense and ruffle his tufty blonde head. Our conversation quickly turned to how, as adults it's hard to reclaim that sense… Continue reading What a Divine Moment…

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Oh how I hate The Hum

Me: Can anyone else hear that humming noise? Son: Yes, I can. Me: Good because I was beginning to think it was in my head. Son: Well you know I'm kinda crazy too Mum. I'm so glad to know I'm not alone.

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A Moment’s Peace

If you drive anywhere with a child under the age of two there's a good chance it will fall asleep on the way. In my nearly 14 years of experience of caring for my own and other people's car-dozing children it's happened countless times that I'd arrive at the park/bird sanctuary etc., pull to a stop… Continue reading A Moment’s Peace