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Feeling a bit stoopid

I think I may have bought a website by mistake. When you were little, did your friends call you a brain surgeon when you did something really clever? Well my Dad was a brain surgeon, he genuinely was a Smart Alec because his name was Alec. Right now I think I must have either been adopted… Continue reading Feeling a bit stoopid

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The Successful Blogger Series

If you are not a blogger it's possible you may not know what bloggers do exactly. If you are a blogger, that's equally possible. (Or is that just me?) There's one thing I've noticed that seems to be the common trend amongst my fellow blog people, is that we all want to learn more about… Continue reading The Successful Blogger Series

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How to get FILTHY RICH on the INTERNET in 7 EASY peasy steps:

This is INSANE you JAW will LITERALLY hit the FLOOR! You gonna wanna read this because it's FREE information backed by RESEARCH. And you have to read to the end of this post so that you don't miss the one SECRET that few people share which is YOUR ticket to success! Making money as a… Continue reading How to get FILTHY RICH on the INTERNET in 7 EASY peasy steps: