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The ‘Wonder Years’

confused my dear

They say that the Wonder Years are the ages between six and twelve, I have no idea why they have that name, but suspect it’s something to do with the utter wonder, delight and relief we parents experience when our children are that age. We have survived the misery of the baby and toddler in-the-trenches years and are utterly oblivious to the full-on-warfare teenage years.

Or maybe it could mean that you just wonder what on earth you are doing most of the time.

Two years ago when our youngest turned six in January we entered those glorious years of independant children (can go to the toilet and brush their teeth, even have a shower if possible ALL BY THEMSELVES) and therefore carefree parenting (a glass of wine with dinner – OOOh so adult again.) But in May of the same year our eldest turned 13.

So we had precisely four months of the Wonder Years.

I do feel a bit cheated.







6 thoughts on “The ‘Wonder Years’”

  1. If it is of any consolation … one of my sisters had FIVE kids all in their teens simultaneously. She did survive. Even is fairly sane (level of sanity may have fluctuated at times through that period but I don’t know many who’d judge … ;)). Hang tight, ride loose.

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  2. I can trump you on that. Became a single dad when my two children were 6 and 9. Then they went into their teens and I went through all that. Then they left home. Then I had the wonder years. Then, catastrophe happened. Got married again, had another daughter and went through it all again. Now I am 74 and am waiting for the wonder years again. Before I’m dead!

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  3. Haha I understand your frustration! Bad timing! My eldest is 6 so we are very much in the wonder years (although I’ve never heard that phrase before – I like it!)

    And congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the #blogcrush linky! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂 #blogcrush

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