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Forget Keeping up with the Kardashians, how’s about at Home with the Henwicks?

I think I have a grip on this whole vlogging/You-Tube/reality TV phenomenon. I have casually noticed my girls mention a young attractive British couple who vlog on You-Tube and it seems that millions of other people watch them while they put on makeup, do DIY projects, go shopping and eat out. Then this couple, because they are cute, earn millions in advertising revenue through other people watching them explain why this product or that restaurant are so wonderful. Because they have said so, others too will buy that product or eat at that restaurant who will then in turn invite the couple back because they pull in the crowds.

I wonder, could I make a career the very same way, or at the very least eat out now and then? Could I grip the world with my fascinating exploits? Of grocery shopping and home dinners? I doubt it. I’m not in my 20’s and so I haven’t perfected the art of the selfie. I just don’t look so darned cute anymore with all my pesky wrinkles and stray grey hairs. But here, I AM always up for a challenge and a bit of a laugh so…nothing ventured etc…


The Everyday Look

First up, this is me with no make-up.

This is the Before AND After photo – what I call my ‘everyday look’. I find I can save up to an hour a day by looking like this, not putting on make-up or styling my hair. I like it as it’s nice and natural looking, people can generally tell whether I am sick or tired as there’s no way to hide it. The bonus is that when I do apply make-up, people remark how well I am looking. I find it’s always best to set other people’s expectations low and then delight them with higher standards every now and then.


Before we hit the town to go shopping I normally grab a cardigan or fleece (it’s always a bit windy in Wexford and cold in the supermarket) but this time I decided to be daring and threw on a jacket to jazz up my mummish-style. I have to confess this one is cool, it is red leather, zipped and has no collar, but as my elderly friend got it for me for a tenner from a charity shop, I can’t tell you anything about it except that it’s branded WSL. Mean anything to you? No, me neither.

I am a French wannabe


This is a term that I believe refers to your typical vlogger’s latest acquisitions (haul is easier to spell tho’) which are then videoed and discussed. The ultimate aim is to be sent freebies so that you can advertise them for free. Then the only people paying are you and me.

My Haul: Yesterday I bought these super sensible slip-on shoes which were on sale at a cheap shoe shop. Only an inch in the heel. Perfect Autumn shoes for keeping those toes not too warm and not too cool. Mumsy novelty owl socks are optional but my mother wears them and I now do the same, being a mum. My cute doggie is camera shy. (Vloggers have cute doggies too so I’m getting there).

Hiding behind my haul

Sadly that’s it for my ‘haul’. As usual most of the stuff I bought was for my kids – the excuse this time is they are starting school next week. HOWEVER, I did also spend a euro at a different charity shop on a pair of trousers for myself, but I can’t take a photo as I can’t get them up over my bottom and so will be passing them on.


So what does a mum do when she’s back home, unpacked the groceries and had her cuppa tea? Why, make and mend naturally.

So the other day I took apart a broken chest-of-drawers and the bits are still lying around upstairs on the landing and in the sitting room. This morning I baked muffins with lime and coconut, I forgot to add the oil and then forgot to warn my friends that I’d forgotten to add the oil. They tasted ok slathered in frosting and my friends kindly didn’t complain. There were quite a lot left over.

So what do you think? Do I have a career in not promoting any products and shopping in charity stores? A future maybe but definitely not a career.

So, speaking of challenges and having a bit of a laugh, one advantage of my sensible non-trendy haircut and dated wardrobe is that I was recently picked in a leading role for a 1970’s documentary based purely on my own clothes and hair style. I kid you not.

For a laugh I sent in this pic and they said ‘Be in our movie’.

Perhaps I have a future in fancy dress instead.


School Runs and Shopping Trolleys

36 thoughts on “Forget Keeping up with the Kardashians, how’s about at Home with the Henwicks?”

  1. 🙂 Go for it! What the world needs now, is vlogs, more vlogs. (sung to the tune of Diana Ross’ “What the World Needs Now”)

    BTW — I gave up make-up. If the world does not run and hide after seeing me at the grocery early in the morning straight out of bed, then I know I did not get really ugly overnight! You look great au naturale!

    On a side note — The documentary thing is fine if you do not mind a film crew following you 24/7. I was asked to be in one but declined for just that reason.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. FWIW ( For what it’s worth). I think you’re quite cute and the striped top. red leather jacket look is fab. But then, I’m probably old enough to be your mum, lol! Seriously, I love your tongue-in-cheek style in this piece.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. BWA-hahahahaha!! I had to look up “vlog”! This is truly rich! I’ve decided I’m either retro or trend-setting, depending which way on the time continuum one looks. (Your family is exceptionally fortunate.)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ha ha this is brilliant!!! I really don’t get the whole haul thing!!! I certainly can’t see anyone wanting me unpacking my shopping on camera…..maybe because I’m missing the cute dog!yes must be that!! #TheMMLinky

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love that red leather jacket – tres chic! And I am with you – why do I need to watch people unpack their shopping. I saw some woman unpack her Amazon groceries the other day and she had 1000s of people watching on FB Live! Why!! I may do the Sainsburys delivery next week, must remember to add some unusual items (not just the usual potatoes, meat, chicken, mince)!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Liberty, I love your dry sense of humor and how comfortable you are in your own skin. Thanks for sharing the lighter side (and I, too don’t put on makeup or style my hair to go grocery shopping. Most of the time, I’m going to the gym first anyway!)

    Liked by 1 person

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