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#ParentingWin vs #ParentingFail: Week 1

I had an opportunity to share a story on a parenting blog I follow. I’m not brave enough to share my worst parenting fails just yet but here’s one of them. Plus a win which I truly take delight in. Take a peek at her site over here:

Mom Of Two Little Girls

Hi all. Welcome to my new feature: #ParentingWin vs #ParentingFail.

The aim of this feature is to have parents share their most memorable “winning at parenting” moment AND their most memorable “failing at parenting” moment too.

By doing this I hope to share the love and help everyone realise that there are no perfect parents, just lots of perfect and imperfect moments that make this whole job what it is, the blessing we are all grateful for. I want to provide a platform for us to share our most proud parenting win moment (however small it might be, as long as it was huge for you), and our most awful (and quite possibly hilarious) parenting fail moment because we’ve all had a few of those.

My first volunteer for this feature is Liberty Henwick from Liberty On The Lighter Side. Here’s what she has to share:

I’m a Mum…

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