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Three things you need to STOP DOING RIGHT NOW if you’re writing your first draft

I needed this, thanks Clare Daly for the proverbial kick in the rear…

Clare Daly Author


I should preface this post with the fact that no, I’m not yet a published author but I have learned some stuff along the way and as I rocket through the first draft of my new book, I realise what a completely different experience it is to the first. So, here we go. Here’s the things you need to stop doing right now on your first novel:

1.Panicking about whether it’s any good

Yes, easier said than done but press that release valve, breath out all that stress and tension you’ve been holding in between your shoulder blades. Truth is, it doesn’t matter if its rubbish. It’s your rubbish, your search for the truth and even if its not clear or apparent in the first draft, you will find it later. You have to write the unsophisticated words before you find the elegant ones  (and often they’re the best anyway). So…

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3 thoughts on “Three things you need to STOP DOING RIGHT NOW if you’re writing your first draft”

  1. I like Timothy’s new idea for motivating us to keep writing, will definitely be needing that as life has swallowed me up a bit and I’m struggling to stick with my story. The longer I leave it the less I feel it matters if I finish it! I realised my competitive side is very helpful in giving me forward momentum.


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