“Mum, What’s the Meaning of Lice?”


“The meaning of LICE? As in those horrible, disgusting little creatures you kids love to bring home on your heads? Or are you wondering about why you’re here? Eight years old is a quite young to be pondering your life purpose, don’t you think?” I’m smiling, I have to admit I’m a little impressed by my child’s cuteness/insight.

“Lice! I was just wondering why God made them?”

“Mmmm, interesting concept. Like mosquitos they are infinitely exasperating. Actually I’d love to ask Him the same question as I can’t think of one good reason why lice, or mosquitoes, were created.” It’s true, I’d love to, they seem utterly pointless to me – nasty little blood suckers! As for the meaning of life, however, I’m prepared to embark on a lengthy discourse, but don’t.

Actually I think lice share something in common with the meaning of LIFE. It’s a topic I could talk about at great lengths with those who I know are struggling with the same issue, often with sensitivity, in private, or in hushed tones if I’m surrounded by others I wish not to offend or embarrass. And both have made me cry!

It has taken me a few months to come out in the open here on my blog and confess lice is a problem in the life of my family. I hope you will understand. It’s an issue we have struggled with on and off for over two years now. I have worked my way through all the products on the shelf as well as all the ‘tried and trusted’ home remedies. I have washed and combed and laundered and combed and shampooed (and did I mention combed?) until I’m a blubbering pile of self pity on the kitchen floor.

The worst was when my husband and I had a falling out over the issue – I felt his attitude was somewhat laissez faire for my liking. I thought, ‘This cannot go on!’

And then one day I made peace with my situation, I told myself, ‘This is LIFE, just DEAL with it!’ I’m so much happier as a result. I am now somewhat of an expert in the field – due to my magnitude of experience. I accept that this may be an ongoing battle until the day that my youngest of four, my eight year old I mentioned above, finally leaves home.

Then my children can take their nasty little pets away with them.

In the meantime I will continue the fight, I will not give up. If your kids have lice, I will still love them. I also understand if you don’t want to send your lice-free kids over on a play date, but if you do, I might comb them – just to check.

Now I am on a campaign to educate and inform other parents who may be struggling with the same issues. Please post your queries, comments and desperate measures below. Or you can call my help line on: + 555 I HATE LICE.




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  1. Haha this is great! I really enjoyed reading this! Thankfully I have not experienced lice yet with my children but I am dreading the day I do! If ever I have a bad case of it with them I will have to come back and ask some tips. Keep up the great posts!

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    1. I think I was really lucky because for nearly 13 years we didn’t get them. Now it’s a never ending plague! I think it’s easier with boys, obviously they tend to have shorter hair. Thanks, life has taken on some funny twists lately so writing hasn’t always been a priority, but it is a great form of catharsis. 🙂

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      1. Oh no! I bet it is a nightmare, I am dreading the day and luckily I have 3 boys and one girl so hopefully they wont get it too bad when they do! And I agree, writing is a great form of catharsis!

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      2. Great, yes – I have one boy and three girls! Sooooo much combing!

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  2. If I were to say “42”, would I be chased out with rotten tomatoes?

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  3. memaojukwu says:

    😄 brave! Thanks for making it a much less uncomfortable topic. 😊

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    1. Gosh, I think there are too many uncomfortable topics we all have in common!


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