A letter to my son 

This made me cry – such a tender expression of love, and how cute is that photograph?

Baby Gubbins

My heart’s wonder,

Six months have passed since I first felt your warm little body placed on my belly. The overwhelming flood of love and emotion that I felt on that day of your birth has soaked deep into the very core of my being.

I watch you as you sleep, drinking in the awesomeness of your little body, wondering at the magic of your tiny form and fighting the urge to pick you up and cuddle you close. I breathe you in when you are sitting in my lap, burying my nose in your hair and trying to imprint your smell on my memory. I cuddle and kiss you whenever you will let me. I can’t get enough of your squirming, giggling little self.

Things I love about you:

  • Your wide-mouthed laugh
  • Falling asleep with you curled against my chest
  • Your little jiggling legs
  • Your impossibly long fringe
  • Your…

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