Today you are You

I love this from Mummy Gubbins, she speaks so well on behalf of all of us Mums. The tension between freedom and responsibility is a fine line of a tightrope with sacrifices and rewards every step along the way. Even though I am 14 years further down the rope I can so relate to these early days and in some ways things are still the same!

Baby Gubbins

When I started this blog, the “About Me” page confounded me. For many years I have been a woman, an engineer, a runner, a bookworm, a mountain climber, a sailor, a snowboarder, a triathlete, a nuisance, a perfectionist… For 6 months I have been a mum. Yet when I was called upon to write a short paragraph “About Me”, all I could think of was “I am a Mum”.

When I was pregnant, one of the most common things people used to say to me was that “having a child will change your life”. Although this is true to a certain extent, I think that the more difficult adjustment for me was the reformation of my identity.

Overnight, the main pillars of my SELF crumbled. The job that I loved and spent more than 12 hours a day pouring my energy in to, was put on hold. My healthy, fit…

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