From Blogging to Writing a Novel -slightly terrifying!

cover mock-up

Big breath in, I feel as if I am making myself extremely vulnerable by posting this, BUT, I have just taken a monumental step from posting on my blog to embarking on writing a novel (eek) and if you’d like to become a reader for me, please let me know.

Like all first babies it’s a bit of a guinea pig.

In the meantime you could take a peek at the the first chapter here on ChapterBuzz.

Thanks for taking the time and any positive criticism is welcome!!


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  1. Fiona O'Rourke says:

    Congratulations Liberty on starting your novel, I hope you enjoy the journey. I want to read it in its entirety so please let me know when you launch the book 😃 Keep her lit!

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    1. Thank you Fiona for playing such an important role in my writing journey. I will definitely keep you in the loop!


  2. paddywest says:

    So excited for you and would love to help with reading!


    1. That’s really kind of you, thanks so much ! I think in order to do that you have to click on the ‘add to bookshelf’ link under the image of my book cover. I’d be interested in any criticism, please don’t be shy!!

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      1. That is the link on the ChapterBuzz site!


      2. paddywest says:

        Yes mam, I did that.

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      3. Ok great, thanks 🙂


  3. C.J. Black says:

    Congratulations Liberty. In the paragraph beginning she looked forward to the day – it may have been brought to your attention already, reading down through it check (she she).


    1. Thank you CJ and no you are the first to raise it. I will check that out and I appreciate your comment. I have since been back to make other edits too and I think this process will take on a whole different shape to what I anticipated. Spending a whole lot of time NOT writing at the moment, all planning and research instead!


  4. Ben says:

    Congratulations on making the leap and good luck with it all. We’re at a similar place I think so I’ll be following your progress 🙂


    1. Brilliant, thanks and likewise. 🙂

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