From Blogging to Writing a Novel -slightly terrifying!

cover mock-up

Big breath in, I feel as if I am making myself extremely vulnerable by posting this, BUT, I have just taken a monumental step from posting on my blog to embarking on writing a novel (eek) and if you’d like to become a reader for me, please let me know.

Like all first babies it’s a bit of a guinea pig.

In the meantime you could take a peek at the the first chapter here on ChapterBuzz.

Thanks for taking the time and any positive criticism is welcome!!


11 thoughts on “From Blogging to Writing a Novel -slightly terrifying!”

  1. Congratulations Liberty on starting your novel, I hope you enjoy the journey. I want to read it in its entirety so please let me know when you launch the book 😃 Keep her lit!

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  2. Congratulations Liberty. In the paragraph beginning she looked forward to the day – it may have been brought to your attention already, reading down through it check (she she).


    1. Thank you CJ and no you are the first to raise it. I will check that out and I appreciate your comment. I have since been back to make other edits too and I think this process will take on a whole different shape to what I anticipated. Spending a whole lot of time NOT writing at the moment, all planning and research instead!


  3. Congratulations on making the leap and good luck with it all. We’re at a similar place I think so I’ll be following your progress 🙂


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