Exploring Faith

If you are going to grab the wrong end of the stick, for heaven’s sake make sure it’s not a torch!


I’m sitting here with my head in my hands, frustrated, dismayed! How does a good thing become so ridiculed and reviled? How is it that I can be carrying a torch that brings with it light and warmth, illuminating beauty and you say, ‘Don’t come any closer, the light you carry is ugly, it burns, I hate it’?

Is it because in the past the folk who were carrying the stick in the first place pressed the flaming torch end too close to you and you got your hands badly burnt? So now you blame the flame instead of the person who was carrying the torch in the first place!

Or is it because you don’t even see the flame at all, you are blind and are saying: ‘What flame? I see nothing’. You break my heart the most, not only do you not see the light, you do not see what the light reveals.

You say how do I know my torch is not an illusion? I say, because I can see the flame and feel the heat. But why do you suggest it is an illusion? Can you not see the results of the heat all around you? I ask you what evidence can you provide that would persuade me that you are not living by one yourself ?

You may say I am arrogant in my convictions. If I bore the torch for my own purposes then yes, perhaps. But how could it be arrogance to long for others to come in closer to the fire in order so that they too could be warmed, so they too can marvel at the beauty?

May I be a gentle a torch bearer. Please, grasp the stick at the right end, see that the light and the heat are for your good. Respect the flames, they are not intended to harm but to refine. However, if you are intent on sticking your hand, indeed your whole body into the fire, how will I prevent you?


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