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3 ways your readers can give feedback on your writing (and 3 ways you can receive it!)

I’m so delighted to be featured as a guest writer, who’d a thunk it!! So take a peek at this post on ‘What Inspires your Writing?’ and if you’d like to give yourself a kick up the rear-end and take up a whopper of a writing challenge, then you could start by making yourself accountable to readers. You’ll feel more guilty about giving up then! And you might even be surprised by achieving something you never, ever thought possible in the space of one month.

What Inspires Your Writing?

As we prepare for the “10,000 & 10” Novel Writing Challenge, which involves writing 10,000 words and asking 10 people to read your work, some are wondering what, exactly, their readers will be required to do.

Great question!

The only requirement is that, at some point during the month, they read what you wrote. Beyond that, you are welcome to ask for feedback as you write, and they are welcome to provide it, but it’s certainly not a requirement. Some writers love getting feedback as they work (think blog comments, for example!), others want little to none until their manuscripts are complete.

So it’s really up to you. We don’t want anyone?writers or readers?feeling uncomfortable or pressured. We just want you to write, and let all those great ideas flow out through your keyboard!

But if you do want feedback, what’s the best way for readers to give it?…

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Could you say “I Do” in March?

Do you want to take the leap? Do you want to commit to a challenge to write 10,000 words in a month? It's a big commitment, but don't the biggest commitments reap the best rewards?  

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Milestones = Happiness = a huge THANK YOU!

Wow, within a couple of days of each other I've received these two little badges, what a great motivator! I'm not yet where I'd like to be but I'm also not where I was. I reckon we can all do with plenty of encouragement, so thanks to you all who have helped me get to this… Continue reading Milestones = Happiness = a huge THANK YOU!