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The Waiting Game

I will fear no evil, for you are with me. Psalm 23 Such a simple phrase and so easy to say but Oh so very difficult to put into practice. Each time I contact my sister to get updates on my young nephew in ICU my heart feels like it is being squeezed tight and all… Continue reading The Waiting Game

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Mr. McGuffin’s Plot Device And Writer Unblocking Emporium

Here’s Tara’s post which inspired my Writer Number Four today, thanks Tara!

Tara Sparling writes

Today I’m over on Headstuff, the online cultural hub, with the following skit. Headstuff love content with actual content in it so I’m delighted to be there.

I reckon we’ve never needed a laugh more than we do this week, so here is my contribution to our newly hyper-globalised human condition.


The shop door bell of Mr McGuffin’s Plot Device and Writer Unblocking Emporium tinkles pleasantly, announcing the entry of Writer 1, a woman wearing pyjamas and swathed in several cardigans. Mr McGuffin stands to greet her.

Mr McGuffin: Good morning, Madam.

Writer 1: Good morning. I’d like to buy a plot device, please.

Mr McGuffin: Certainly Madam. What genre are you writing in?

Writer 1: Crime, mainly. But lately, I’ve been branching into grip-lit. You know. Thrillers, that kind of stuff.

Mr McGuffin: Ah. Luckily, we do have a new grip-lit section. Tell me, is your crime domestic or commercial?

Writer 1:

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Writer Number Four

Many thanks to Tara Sparling, most excellent of writers, as the idea for this post was inspired by her latest blog Mr McGuffin's Plot Device and Writer Unblocking Emporium. If you read hers first what follows below will make more sense. Another woman enters the shop, she is wearing a baggy t-shirt and a pair of… Continue reading Writer Number Four

Exploring Faith

Deep despair, deeper grace.

There are some nights when sleep eludes me and the thoughts of all I've left undone enlarge themselves until the pressure of their weight heats me up to the point that I have to throw off my bedclothes. Then in the bathroom I run the cold tap 'til it's icy and drink straight from the spout. Last… Continue reading Deep despair, deeper grace.


You know it’s Winter in Ireland When…

...it's raining? Haha you funny person you 😀 Seriously, it may be hard to tell - here the difference between summer and winter is only about 8° C so the variation between the two seasons, for some hardy folk, means wearing a jumper over your t-shirt on the odd day. So I think I'm finally becoming Irish… Continue reading You know it’s Winter in Ireland When…