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To Life, l’chaim!

A TALE OF TWO STAGES  What does the opera 'Vanessa' and the musical 'The Fiddler on the Roof' have in common apart from an engagement toast followed by a dance, a plethora of females, a tragic ending and heaps of singing? The answer is not much. When it comes to chalk and cheese, Vanessa has the… Continue reading To Life, l’chaim!

About Parenthood

The ‘Krismis’ Bed

In a big country inhabited mostly by people with small houses -like South Africa- Christmas and Easter time could usually mean a long journey home to be with your family and no bed for you to sleep in when you get there. I heard an Afrikaans person once talk about a 'Krismis Bed' and I love the holiday-casual-funness… Continue reading The ‘Krismis’ Bed

About Parenthood

“When Can I Resign?”

"Boys break your house, girls break your heart." Anon. It seems to me that boys are brilliant at breaking things, or worse, themselves and girls are brilliant at breaking you, either way your parent-heart is a little bit dented every time. When it happens to me I carefully try and hammer out those ruts and pits from the inside in order… Continue reading “When Can I Resign?”