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The Mystery of Parents

When you are very young, say up to the age of 7, or maybe 10 if you are lucky, your parents are perfect. Your Dad tells the funniest jokes and is definitely the strongest Dad in the neighbourhood, maybe even the world. Your Mum smells the loveliest and gives the best hugs. They can do no wrong.… Continue reading The Mystery of Parents

Exploring Faith

What Happens Next?

WARNING! Content may cause offense to some of my friends. This one really made me think. Do you see yourself as this: (date) - (date) and that's all? Is your entire existence summed up in a beginning, a middle and an end so best you make the most of the middle? This past summer our family… Continue reading What Happens Next?


Camping – The Aftermath

Three days after we got home from our camping holiday, it looked as though our roof box had exploded. This was the first opportunity to dry out the tent since we had returned off the ferry from France because, yippee! the sun is shining here at last. Don't get me wrong, we had had plenty… Continue reading Camping – The Aftermath

About Parenthood, Exploring Faith

Ahh Women!

Have you ever heard of Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) or the 'Eve Gene'? This is a tiny piece of DNA which is passed down from mothers only and is traceable back through the generations along the female line. Men are unable to pass it on to their children as it resides in the sperm and dies out… Continue reading Ahh Women!