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From Egoli to Glynn

Twelve years ago we left Johannesburg or Egoli-the City of Gold; population : 3,226,055 (2001 figures, there are over 4 million people living there now, or over 10 million if you include the greater metropolitan area). According to the latest Irish census results 4 million is nearly equivalent to the entire population of Ireland.  A year later we settled… Continue reading From Egoli to Glynn

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Picnics and ‘Pickynickers’

  So far this summer in Ireland we've managed to get out and about and have a few picnics although it has been a little tricky dodging the rain showers. The weather lads I think must have a slightly sadistic streak in that more than once they have set the Irish population up for mass disappointment… Continue reading Picnics and ‘Pickynickers’

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Travel with my Kids – must be Mad.

Summer's here, are you all ready to go away on holiday? With your kids?! Are you cool calm and collected or panicked, stressed and thinking the idea of staying at home might just be a whole lot easier? First I heard it from an adult a few years ago and then the other day I overheard a little… Continue reading Travel with my Kids – must be Mad.