Project Write

Day Twenty: Wrap It Up


Ah no, this is the final day.

How do I go about expressing how this experience has impacted me? So much to say.

The Day One challenge was a revelation. It was as if I had been given a tiny key allowing me to take a peek at what was hidden inside of myself which I had no idea was there. A huge pile of dust and cobwebs covered something I realised could possibly be of value (sounds like my house actually). So the subsequent days have been spent doing a little polishing and honing. There’s still a long way to go before I’m satisfied with what or how I write and I anticipate it being a slow and steady, albeit joyful, task. (In the mean time I’ve neglected the real dust and cobwebs which has left me feeling guilty. I’m going to have to figure out how to get the kids to take on more chores.)

I’ve noticed it takes me a good few hours to work up to the point where I can write. Those hours are spent suppressing the internal school teacher who tells me I have to finish all the important jobs first before I can allow myself the luxury of frivolous writing. Why do I have such a strong anti-fun streak? In reality I don’t believe reading is hedonistic. If so I’d be one of the worst sinners. So, once I have finished writing I hand my work back to the teacher to gain her approval and correction but she can be quite mean at times. Need to sack that woman.

I have been a bit naughty about the twenty day challenge thing in that I didn’t stick to the daily suggestions. However, I did write everyday, and tried different genres. The course provided me with not only the inspiration but also the momentum to do that. The three main things I’d like to work on from now on is 1. gaining confidence, 2. improving in technique and 3. being authentic. I have learnt some new things about myself and have spent maybe a bit too much time in self-reflection. I am surprised by how much I love to write, I feel as if it’s a bit late in life to be discovering that about myself. I would like to write to the exclusion of all else most times which leaves me distracted and forgetful.

The absolute highlight of this experience has been the other bloggers I’ve met and their feedback. Thank you to all who have interacted with me, you are my new invisible arena of friends. You have inspired and encouraged me as well as taught me so much. I love the variety as well as accessibility of this platform.  When I was a little girl  I had one pen pal from another city in the same country and it took excruciating weeks between communications. Now I have numerous connections from around the world who are there with their words almost immediately. I am so looking forward to seeing what happens next!


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