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Parenting for Dummies, Scaredy Pants and People Who Make Mistakes

The thing that is so scary about being a parent is that you are supposed to know what you are doing. You are responsible for actual real-life human beings, for ensuring that they somehow survive from conception to adulthood whilst they are in your care. One of my friends said he felt the hospital should… Continue reading Parenting for Dummies, Scaredy Pants and People Who Make Mistakes

About Parenthood

Big Family, Big Challenges, Big Love.

I'm the eldest of five and the mother of four - and I married a man who is one of four siblings - so living in a large family is all I've ever known. So here is a list of 14 things that describe how this lifestyle is different to your average two adult-two child family most people… Continue reading Big Family, Big Challenges, Big Love.

About Parenthood

Old Friends

Such a weird thing when you bump into someone you haven't seen or heard from in nearly forty years. Now I'm sounding all nostalgic but really that's kind of proof I am getting quite old. This wasn't a physical bump, but out of the blue last week I received an online friend request from a name I didn't recognise. After… Continue reading Old Friends

About Parenthood

Judging by the Mess

I'm feeling a little bit depressed right now because I did a stupid thing today. On impulse I bought a book called "The Home handbook-Quick and Easy Ways to Keep You Home Tidy, Clean and Beautiful" (by Rachel Simhon). I'm not really ruing the cost, it was only €4.99 at the supermarket (although that's half… Continue reading Judging by the Mess

Collected Poetry

Grense – Boundaries

It is nearly thirty years since I copied this poem in to my book of favourite writings, I came across it today and still think it's lovely. Grense My naakte siel wil sonder skrome in alle eenvoud tot jou gaan, soos uit diepe slaap ons drome, soos teen skemerlug die bome opreik na die bloue… Continue reading Grense – Boundaries

Collected Poetry

Comes the Dawn

Found for me by my DH this beautiful poem by Veronica Shoffstall speaks eloquently into the place of grief. After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul and you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning and company doesn’t always mean security. And you begin to learn that kisses aren’t… Continue reading Comes the Dawn

Exploring Faith

Human Doing or Human Being?

Are you a human doing or a human being? Do you do, or do you be? Dobedobedobedo (not original). How much do you define yourself by who you are and what drives and motivates you, what your core principles and beliefs are OR by what you do, your deeds and how you treat others? I don't think there is any… Continue reading Human Doing or Human Being?