Project Write

Day One : I write because…

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That’s INCREDIBLE! Just before this very first challenge popped into my in-box I was asking myself the very question, “What is the point of me wanting to write?” Like there has to be a great purpose or reason for me to write anything. I don’t want to pander to my insecurities and look for approval in other’s responses to my writing but it’s probably going to be the same as when ever I have painted or drawn or designed in the past. Any creative expression is a personal one too and it’s hard not to take other people’s responses to your expression personally.

But this statement ‘I write because…’ actually makes my heart beat hard in my chest!! I write because that’s all I want to do at the moment! I have become engulfed in the urge and it’s a little bit crazy. In my head my thoughts talk to me as if I am writing them. Time disappears when I write. I am irritated by anything that interrupts me. Does anybody else feel like this?

And this is such a recent phenomenon, I’m puzzled at how suddenly and deeply I’ve fallen into this. Like a love affair it’s taken over my thought life. I’m a little afraid too as I look at me from the outside and wonder whether I’ve gone a little mad. Because it’s not just in my head but my body is reacting too, I can feel my adrenaline charged pulse in my stomach and my head.

I know the answer really to why I want to write. I love words, I love books, I am grateful to all those wonderful people who have written stories that have consumed hours of my life. Imagine the world without words!! Imagine living without a single book! And then consider this, imagine that God Himself goes by the name of the WORD. Life without words would be a type of hell. Unimaginable.

Words bring joy, they bring healing and enlightenment, they educate, connect and enable us to escape. They uncover our humanness and weakness and cause us to laugh out loud in the silence of reading. They also cause us to encounter and express our deepest pain, sorrow and mourning. They bring Life and Life in abundance. I can’t NOT write, it’s an extension of my very self, the way I was designed by Him who spoke words over the very first act of creation and I am created in His image.



6 thoughts on “Day One : I write because…”

  1. There’s a common theme here. We all have the urge to express ourselves. I completely understand the interruption thing. I tend to write in one setting. Maybe I’m afraid the thought will flee to a dark corner. Or I’m blonde. 😉

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