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A Moment’s Peace


If you drive anywhere with a child under the age of two there’s a good chance it will fall asleep on the way. In my nearly 14 years of experience of caring for my own and other people’s car-dozing children it’s happened countless times that I’d arrive at the park/bird sanctuary etc., pull to a stop and as I turn around to say ‘look we’re here!’ I have to check myself and the internal debate begins as to whether I should move and possibly wake them (eek) or sit a while and let them sleep. Being a bit lazy myself, I’d rather sit in the car and read a book than push the pram around some windy duck pond. If the baby happens to stay asleep in the pram it’s not going to appreciate the walk anyway. (You could nap too as chances are you’re also knackered). The disappointment though is huge when I realise I’ve come empty handed and this will be a wasted opportunity to spend perhaps another precious 45 minutes being absorbed by my latest read. I’ve lots of experience but evidently a slow learner when it comes to being prepared for taking advantage of a moment’s peace.
I did learn something very interesting though one time when, out of sheer desperation and boredom, I read the car instruction manual that, amazingly, was still in the car. There’s a nifty little tray hidden away under the passenger seat of my car that’s very useful for a spare nappy, a packet of wipes – and YES a book!


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