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When Mrs Chopin does the washing she inspires her husband because behind every great composer is a woman doing boring stuff.

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Feeling a bit stoopid

I think I may have bought a website by mistake. When you were little, did your friends call you a brain surgeon when you did something really clever? Well my Dad was a brain surgeon, he genuinely was a Smart Alec because his name was Alec. Right now I think I must have either been adopted… Continue reading Feeling a bit stoopid

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The ‘Wonder Years’

They say that the Wonder Years are the ages between six and twelve, I have no idea why they have that name, but suspect it's something to do with the utter wonder, delight and relief we parents experience when our children are that age. We have survived the misery of the baby and toddler in-the-trenches… Continue reading The ‘Wonder Years’

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The Successful Blogger Series

If you are not a blogger it's possible you may not know what bloggers do exactly. If you are a blogger, that's equally possible. (Or is that just me?) There's one thing I've noticed that seems to be the common trend amongst my fellow blog people, is that we all want to learn more about… Continue reading The Successful Blogger Series

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My husband actually THROWS the ‘throw’

Some less than perfect household tips for less than perfect ladies On ordering your world when everyone ignores your orders: Firstly - the people: I once invited a stylish friend, Mabel*, over for a cuppa chai latte. (I have introduced you to her already when I briefly spoke about her cleavage last time). I tell you… Continue reading My husband actually THROWS the ‘throw’

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Behold the Wonder of a Book Nook — Parent Co.

I LOVE these ideas, I'll be making one of them tomorrow with a mosquito net and cushions for the kiddos. The milk bottle nook is amazing too... After a school day, my boys need some quiet time on their own. We live in rural Arizona in a spread out ranch style house, so space isn’t… Continue reading Behold the Wonder of a Book Nook — Parent Co.

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How to Help Kids Create a Culture of Personal Accountability — Parent Co.

'spilling water is normal, but cleaning the mess up is also normal'. Here is some gentle and sensible advice on enabling our children to become mature and considerate adults. Even the youngest kids benefit from knowing they are responsible for their behavior. Personal accountability means teaching kids that actions have consequences. Protecting our kids and… Continue reading How to Help Kids Create a Culture of Personal Accountability — Parent Co.